Champaign County Farm Bureau Women's Committee

Women's Committee members have a mission of promoting, educating and informing families about the importance of agriculture in the food, fiber and fuel that enables them to live productive lives.  Projects, programs and seminars are designed to equip ladies with the confidence and knowledge they need to "share the story of agriculture" while establishing a true "connection" with families and building a strong connection with one another.

Each September, the committee chairwoman and five members form a "think tank" to brainstorm projects and programs.  Priorites are set, and each project is assigned a chair.  Members are asked to assist with projects that best align with their field of interest.  Resources include speakers, schools a local orchard, commodity groups, a local college, YAL's, libraries and local agribusinesses.  Members spend up to 20 hours per week preparing and executing projects.

Recent projects include The Learning Barn, Start Seeing Farmers, Design a Flag Contest, Apples to Evelvators, Playin’ It Safe, Spring Fling, Ground to Mouth, Harvest Day, Crop Insurance 101, Establishing a Farm Trust, Operation Military Kids, and The Meaning of Volunteerism.

The Women’s Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the CCFB Auditorium.

 Women's Committee Exchange



Women's Committee members updating the Learning Barn